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Like Soap

Flash, Published fiction

Like Soap

I wrote this micro last summer, when I was in Torre Chianca, a seaside town near Lecce. It was one of those occasions when you’re meant to do or write something else, but just can’t do it, not until you get this story written. I’m thrilled that Tommy Dean and the team at Fractured Lit have selected this story in a mini-contest they launched for micros under 250 words.

Here is how it begins.

“When we were fourteen, Tessa, Gina, and I used to laugh at Mrs. Meade, our history teacher, who always came to class like she had dressed in a rush, her hair always boringly tied, her wedding finger always covered in soap, stuck to her wedding band and we wondered how come she didn’t know the trick we knew, of removing the rings when washing our hands…”

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Photo by Nima Izadi on Unsplash

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