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The Sound of Dust

Flash, Published fiction

The Sound of Dust

This piece was originally published by FlashFlood during National Flash Fiction Day. It’s been nominated for the Best of the Net Award for Fiction in 2022 [Edit from October 2022]. So double thanks!

“When I climb into our flat for the first time since we left, the first thing I do is check that the piano is still there. I sweep the stool with a handkerchief, open the music scores in my bag, and sit. At first, my fingers are stiff, my fingertips slip. With each stroke, they collect dust, plaster and cement. I tell myself it’s ok, and I keep playing.

I blame myself, not the dust, for the muffled sound. I blame my rigid fingers. Soon pigeons coo to my music cue, joining me as I play and I play so long the sun turns around the house and…”

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