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Seven-word Answer

Flash, Published fiction

Seven-word Answer

I had initially written this flash following a prompt at the Flash Fiction Online Festival, and was extremely happy when it was picked by Funny Pearls. As in classic comedy, it’s a story on family relationship, a play of misunderstandings. Here is how it begins.

“My dad owns a pastry shop. He makes jam doughnuts and brownies. He makes French pastries and apple pies. He makes them because that’s what most clients want here in Bexley but every now and then, he’ll slip onto the counter a tray of cannoli filled with ricotta and topped with pistachios, or a platter of miniature marzipan fruits, so perfect they look real, or a cake-stand bearing a huge cassata, its translucent sugary covering topped with candied citrus fruits…”

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Photo by Valentina Locatelli on Unsplash

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