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Pink Rose on a Marble Bench

Flash, Published fiction

Pink Rose on a Marble Bench

I’m truly thankful to Andy Brown from Scrawl Place for publishing this triptych piece set in Villa Borghese, Rome. Here is how it begins.

On a marble bench in Villa Borghese, Rome glowing in its June glory, the boy tells the girl this is not the right time, his school year abroad is only about to start. She knows, of course, but it’s only now she’s found the courage. Now, after 9 months of sharing books, and records, and big teen thoughts. A rose-seller walks up and insists the boy buys one: Compra, he says, buy a rose for your girlfriend. Look how pretty she is. The boy points out she’s not his girlfriend, and it stings like the thorns the man carefully removed. But the boy buys two roses anyway: one he gives to the girl, the other he leaves on the bench for a luckier couple. Four words, her mantra for months to come.

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