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The Storming of Rome

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The Storming of Rome

Questa storia è probabilmente la più bizzarra che io abbia scritto finora, e tuttavia lo spunto iniziale fa parte della cronoca romana. Sono felicissima che sia stato selezionato da Ghost Parachute, e ringrazio Brett Pribble per averlo pubblicato e aver chiesto alla bravissima Kaylan Stedman di illustrarlo.

Ecco l’incipt:

“They only appeared at night, at first, creeping from the woods. They kept away from our cars, from our houses, from us. We could only tell the next day by their prints on the ground, and the scattered rubbish left around the overflowing bins.

The first sightings morphed into ignored voices. The council regarded them either as urban myths, or suburban problems, all equally irrelevant – like the lack of public transport, and the potholes. If anything, the council people laughed at us, said we had the perfect ingredient for a rich tagliatelle sauce, why complain?”

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