Slawka G. Scarso

Short stories, poems and the odd travel note // Racconti, poesie, e qualche appunto di viaggio


Con o senza rima, microracconti, Racconti pubblicati


Un micro-racconto storico ispirato alla tradizoine del pane sciocco toscano, che è iniziata nel medioevo. Pubblicato da Sundial Magazine.

Rumours spread fast, like the waters of the river Arno during a flood: the Republic of Pisa has blocked the ships of salt for Florence. They’re keeping the salt for themselves.

As I unload the flour from the cart, I see my master discussing this with the miller. He spits on the ground. I watch his spit mix with the acrid contents of a bucket someone threw from their window earlier, and rush inside.

I miss the countryside, I miss the subtle scent of the flowering olive trees…

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