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Con o senza rima

All right, all right, I’m moving out

I know I’ve been saying this for ages now. Whenever I hear from someone lately and mention about my flat, the only response I get is “Why, haven’t you moved there yet?”. Well, no I haven’t. For many reasons, including the fact I’ve spent most of the summer away, plus when I finally came back I left again, though only at the weekends. And when is someone supposed to move out if not at the weekend? On top of that, the couple from downstairs hadn’t moved in yet either, so I would have had to be alone in the entire building. Not a pleasent thought for Miss I’m scared of everything except walking in a wood at night (but, oh, how much I prayed that time!). Now that they’ve moved, however, I can hear them coming back home every night, and I’ve already become pleasantly accustomed to the new sounds in the building.

Something has changed too, I noticed it tonight. So far, I’ve been working from my new home during the day, whilst sleeping back at my “old home” at night. Tonight, however, as I was switching off my laptop, I felt I was sorry to leave my home. I felt I would miss the comfort of my new place. So I’m happy this weekend I should end the moving out…

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